“Do you wanna come skate Greece with all your friends?”

After touring through Scandinavia & Germany last year, this time the Cayenne crew invites you all to join them on their trip to Athens! Carson Starnes, Chris Smith, David Sizemore, Richie Eisler, Scott Quinn, Josh Glowicki & Chris Farmer welcome Dominik Wagner and Joe Atkinson to the family, during what proved to be three incredible weeks of blading, traveling and kicking it with the boys!

In the words of Chris Farmer,

“we definitely ate a lot of tomatoes, a lot of feta cheese, and yeah, there was a lot of fucked up shit done on the blades!”

So get ready for another roller coaster ride, as Boysen & Büttner are just about to release their new masterpiece: the Cayenne Project presents Delfon Dio, premiering February 17th at Winterclash! Keep things spiced up, and put some more Cayenne on it!